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Here’s the scoop!

When I tell people that I teach economics, they usually give me a twisted face, followed up with the response, "I hated that class." My rebuttal usually is, "you didn't have a good teacher." Economics develops the need to reason analytically. In economics, you are studying human action in a world of scarce resources. However, economic terms and theory can be both complicated and confusing. Students must grasp the basics or struggle to develop knowledge in a subject they will participate in every day of their lives. To create an environment where students are comfortable using economic terms and theories, an instructor must make the complicated ideas relevant and fun for today's students. Ice Cream Economist teaches economics using ice cream, a product most people love and rarely can eat without a smile on their face. Consumers can purchase principles courses along with others. 

Welcome to the site, and please look around and provide feedback on how we can achieve our mission of creating greater economic education.

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